Steelwork & Welding

Steel Fabrication and Welding, UKCA (CE) Marking and Non Destructive Testing and General Support

Quality Management Systems and FPC

We specialise in steel fabrication and welding including weld inspection and responsible welding coordinator (RWC-EXC2) services and all types of related construction activities.

We can support the development of Factory Process Control (FPC) systems in accordance with EN ISO 1090 and EN ISO 3834 (UKCA Marking) and provide a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) service.

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Quality Management Systems and FPC

Welding Procedures and Welder Qualifications

Ask us about welding procedures (BS EN ISO 15614) and welder qualifications (BS EN ISO 9606), we can manage the complete process from supporting you with the development of you preliminary weld procedure specifications  through to witnessing and managing the welding procedure qualifications and welder qualifications including all testing by our appointed UKAS certified laboratories.

Weld Non Destructive Testing & Welding Audit/Inspection

Welding non destructive testing (NDT) does not necessarily validate the integrity of the welding; it can only confirm the acceptance of welds against the relevant specified quality levels as defined within standards such as such  BS EN ISO 5817/National Structural Steelwork Specification. These standards define dimensions and acceptability of typical imperfections which may be expected in normal fabrication.

Steelwork fabrication and welding in particular is classed as a special process, meaning that the outputs cannot be verified by subsequent monitoring and measuring. For instance, a weld may be acceptable to the non-destructive testing regime but could be mechanically unfit if the essential variables (the approved weld procedure specification) have not been maintained and monitored during the welding process.

We can carryout welding related audits and general welding inspection to monitor compliance to the key requirements.

We have an in-house magnetic particle inspection capability so we can accommodate your MPI needs, particularly those urgent ones!

We can also provide all other forms of NDT. 

Steelwork Vendor Assessment and Monitoring

QHSE-Interspect Inspectors have a great deal of experience in monitoring all kinds of both light and heavy steel fabrication and welding activities in the UK, Asia and Australia and Europe both in factory and on site.

Having our support provides confidence that the welding is being carried out in accordance with the requirements which in turn improves productivity and reduces the likelihood of defective welds.

Welds defect identified during visual inspection.

A total of 3 welds were similarly cracked, QHSE-Interspect provided repair procedures and testing.

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