Coronavirus Safeguarding at Work

How We Can Help You

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk should be considered within the context of the organisation and a system thinking approach should be adopted to consider firstly, how people can best be protected and secondly, how product supply and general efficiency can be least affected.

How we can help in supporting you to maintain a safe system of work

Support with developing risk assessments, procedures, and training for your staff

Robust Coronavirus business specific risk assessments should be in place prior to start up.

Mental health and wellbeing risk assessments

Individual discussions with workers to understand individual needs and any support required.

Review and update existing risk assessments such as first aid, fire, and other potentially affected risk assessments

The Coronavirus situation will impact on other risk assessments, now is a good time to conduct a full review including but not limited to; general working practices, first aid procedure and emergancy response procedures.

Monitoring and auditing of practices and behaviours

Whilst the public have reacted reasonably well to the lockdown, we are effectively now attempting to change work related methods and behaviours; this will require close monitoring, measurement, and close communication and consultation with the workforce; understanding the strengths and weaknesses and implementing improvement strategies.

Ongoing training including various mental health programmes

There are many factors related to the current climate which may have/could potentially adversely affect mental health and wellbeing

Ensuring that you keep up to date with changes in guidance/best practice and lessons learnt through your P-D-C-A cycle of continual improvement.

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