Audits, Inspections/support and monitoring

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can highlight unconsidered opportunities and risks.

What We Offer

Quality Management Systems and FPC

QHSE-Interspect can provide regular or one-off health and safety audits and inspections of your workplaces to help keep you on track and often highlight opportunities for improvement.

We will provide detailed reports on:
• Good practices
• Noncompliance/inadequately resolved risks
• Opportunities for improvement
• Any general recommendations


Quality Management Systems and FPC

Vendor assessment and monitoring

Vendors can be health and safety and/or quality critical with the potential to make or break your provisions/project. QHSEI can support you in initial vendor assessment and ongoing inspections and expediting.  This can help you to avoid costly and progress delaying surprises when the goods are delivered/installed.

The image shows an obvious weld failure during installation (and oversized holes), this caused an injury to a worker and huge costs to the contractor.

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