Audits, Inspections/support and monitoring

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can highlight unconsidered opportunities and risks.

What We Offer

Quality Management Systems and FPC

QHSE-Interspect can provide regular or one-off health and safety audits and inspections of your workplaces to help keep you on track and often highlight opportunities for improvement.

We will provide detailed reports on:
• Good practices
• Noncompliance/inadequately resolved risks
• Opportunities for improvement
• Any general recommendations



Quality Management Systems and FPC

Retained packages developed around your business can provide  lean means of maintaining your management systems as value adding resources as opposed to “things that we have to do”.

Retained packages are developed absolutely bespoke to your business and are not “off the shelf” standard packages. They can include various training modules/toolbox talks, H&S committee chairing, internal audits, dashboards, management reviews and more


Quality Management Systems and FPC

Vendor assessment and monitoring

Vendors can be health and safety and/or quality critical with the potential to make or break your provisions/project. QHSEI can support you in initial vendor assessment and ongoing inspections and expediting.  This can help you to avoid costly and progress delaying surprises when the goods are delivered/installed.

The image shows an obvious weld failure during installation (and oversized holes), this caused an injury to a worker and huge costs to the contractor.

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